2020 List of BPF Schools


List of Schools

Day schools are educational institutions where students are given instruction during the day, and return home to live. Students do not live on campus, like students in boarding schools. Most offer a full-day of learning as opposed to after-school programs. There are fees and charges for students who attend.

Boarding schools provide education for students who live on campus, different from a day school. They are different in curriculum, locations student bodies and more.  Growing in appeal to all families boarding schools usually host students during the length of the school academic year. Many also offer admission to day students in their city or town.

2020 BPF Schools

These schools are registered to attend the 2020 BPF on 9/12

Cardigan Mountain School, NH

Cliff Valley School, Atlanta

Foxcroft School, VA

Friends School of Atlanta, Atlanta

Intown Community School, Atlanta

Lovett School, Atlanta

St. Martin's School, Atlanta

Waldorf School of Atlanta, Atlanta

...and more!


2019 BPF School Guide

2019 BPF Online School Profile Guide

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The 2019 BPF Online School Profile Guide is a full list of schools by category, state, and school type.  It is for ALL families interested in private/independent school admissions.  If you missed our annual admissions event this is a perfect recap of information on schools registered for the 2019 Black Parents Forum & Student Admissions Fair.  Get your online copy today.